Lodge History

Lodge of Light and Learning - Freemasons Croydon

Brief History: Lodge of Light and Learning, No. 8150 meeting at Croydon Masonic Halls.

The Lodge of Light & Learning was sponsored by Sarnia Riduna Lodge No 5840, (more interesting information later), and the Warrant was issued on 14 December 1966.

Light & Learning was subsequently consecrated on 29 March 1967 at Freemason’s Hall, Great Queen Street London, by the Right Worshipful James. W. Stubbs, PGW, Grand Secretary assisted by six Grand Lodge Officers including His Honour Judge Leslie, as Senior Warden.

A Lodge with close links with the Channel Islands.

Initially the Lodge was a London Lodge and was a closed Lodge, in that it was based on a single Institution, the South West London College, (SWLC), hence its chosen name as “The Lodge of Light and Learning”.

A brother had to be associated with, or connected in some way to, the College to become a member of the Lodge.

In 1977, W Bro Freddie Harris and another Grand Lodge Officer who had joined the Lodge, W. Bro Colin Dyer, who subsequently became a Prestonian Lecturer, and Provincial Grand Master for West Kent, decided that dining at the Connaught Rooms was far too expensive.

It was therefore decided that the Lodge should transfer its activities and allegiances to the Province of Surrey.

Lodge of Light and Learning No 8150 Freemasons CroydonThis happened in 1977 when we moved to Croydon, where we still meet.

At the same time, the Lodge changed its status from being a closed Lodge to that of an open Lodge; no longer requiring a connection to SWLC.

The Lodge meets four times a year in January, March, May and November on a Saturday morning, starting at 10-30 and usually finishing at 14-00 to 15-00, depending on the business to be conducted.

The Saturday meeting day and time is a hangover from the days when it was based on the requirements of its SWLC members.

However, the Saturday meeting is a very positive attraction for prospective new members who lead very busy career lives and would find it difficult to attend a Lodge during the working week.

The morning meeting ensures that the Saturday afternoon and evening will be free for family activities.

As mentioned earlier Light & Learning was sponsored by Sarnia Riduna Lodge No. 5840 Sarnia being the old Roman word for Guernsey and Riduna the old word for Alderney.

This Lodge has a very interesting history in itself. Sarnia Riduna Lodge was formed in London in September 1941, meeting at Great Queen Street, for Channel Island Masons.

The Lodge still retains close links with the Channel Islands, as both the Lodge and the associated Chapter, Caesarea were formed during the Second World War for Masons exiled from the Islands with Bi-annual meetings held in the provinces of Jersey, Guernsey & Alderney.

In addition, Light and Learning can also trace its lineage directly back to 1739 starting with Grenadiers Lodge No 66.

Along the way, the line has included a number of illustrious members including Rudyard Kipling and Winston Churchill.

In 2017 Light & Learning celebrated its 50th Anniversary with a special meeting to mark the occasion.

A large number of members, regular visitors together with some of the brethren of Sarnia Riduna attended.

The meeting was also honoured by the presence of the Assistant Provincial Grand Master W. Bro Bill Caughie and his escorting DC, W. Bro Gil Singleton.

The Worshipful Master, W. Bro Eric Collier, the most senior member and earliest initiate of Light & Learning presided over the meeting and a third degree was carried out.

The attending brethren were also treated to the walking charge by W. Bro Gil Singleton and an “Old Scottish” charge delivered by the APGM, W. Bro Bill Caughie.

Both of these charges are rarely seen and made a powerful impression on all present, concluding a very memorable meeting indeed.